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Want to feel like Spider-Man? Just climb up the spider net, open the boxes with the bags, solve the puzzles until the three-digit number of the last bag appears on the lock. You will open the safe with the help of the three-digit number and get the winner’s key.
For this game, you have a sieve, a bucket, a ladle, a roller, and a churn. The sack full of wheat should be dragged to the churn making use of the mentioned tools one by one. Those who show the most organized teamwork will win.
Participants having fastened the safety belts will have to traverse the nets to get to the top, reach the pipe, and drop the balls into pipe. The team that throws more balls into the pipe and ends the game sooner will be the winner.
After getting your safety belts fastened, walk over impassable spinning logs until you reach the sacks. You need to take out the hanging bags as quickly as possible. The most nimble participants are gonna win.
Let’s play with balls of yarn!. There are many hindrances at higher elevations. Both teams use long rods to roll the clews until they drop into the corresponding holes, thus earning points. The team that collects the highest number of points wins.
Our labyrinths are made of pipes. You’re handcuffed, arrested in the labyrinth. You shall not only get out of the maze, but also get the bags out. The team that gets all the bags out of the maze first will be the winner.
What do you have to do to win another key in this Fort Arena game? You have to open the 15 playing cards on the table one by one and find all the matching pairs. The team that picks out more pairs of playing cards gets the key. The game lasts 5 mins.
Do you like riding a bike? And how fast can you go? In this game, every participant will have a chance to ride a bike. The team whose light will get the pick the first wins․
There are several buckets lined up on the shelves. There is a key in one of them. The participants of the 2 teams take turns aiming at the buckets and hitting with balls. The team that first hits the bucket with the key gets the winning key.
There will be 16 bags in the playground full of fake keys. The only 2 real keys are hidden in 2 different bags. The participants try to find the real keys with closed eyes. The first team to find the real key wins.
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